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Try to Inspire Not to Influence – Vivin Mathias (Blogger)

Try to Inspire Not to Influence - Vivin Mathias (Blogger)

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure.”- Paulo Coelho

And what’s life without some, right?

Vivin Mathias a Mommy blogger who strongly believes in “inspire over influence “aims to make someone feel that they want to do something and can do it. Through her social media presence and she is inspiring many new moms to be financially independent and strong.

Vivin is basically from Shimoga a small town in Karnataka, currently in Mumbai city of dreams, living her dreams. She is a BE, M. tech graduate by qualification; a full-time mom blogger by passion, an entrepreneur by profession, and far-sighted by vision. She wanted to break the monotony of old school parenting and she started studying about new age parenting methods, Now she is a NLP certified parenting coach. And also badged certification on child nutrition and help mom through my page @supergalviv and @vivinmathias.

Having bagged a gold medal in M. Tech network engineering, she served as a software developer for 4 years. She has always been a strong adherent of inspire over influence policy. So after being a mom, she took a break from work and started my own venture, called Velvin Technologies. It currently aims to empower women “Yunicircle”, providing a platform for women to learn, grow and earn. She believes that when women is empowered the whole world is empowered. Its women who stay with children at home, who raise them, build them up, correct them, and know them very well, if we empower women, we empower her family which empowers the world.

Growing up, She had a huge fancy for photography and theatre, slowly content creation became her passion as she could show her talent. But, as they say, motherhood changes it all for a woman and She ain’t an exception. Thenceforth, mom blogging came to pass. And now, it has enraptured Her. She is one of the most loved mom bloggers on the internet. Her content with her daughter Viara has made her audience glued to her page and now she has a community of 60k+ on Instagram.

She shares her first-hand experiences about anything and everything that has caught parenting attention, with a view of helping all the moms and moms-to-be out there! In her earnest opinion. “If you derive inspiration, educate yourself and then move on it you create synergy between your mind and your actions,” says Vivin.

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