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Ace Capital becomes the world’s first crowdfunding cross-chain incubator

Ace Capital becomes the world's first crowdfunding cross-chain incubator

Ace Capital Ventures is an online crowdfunding incubator for blockchain startups, aiming to provide traceability and transparency to all stakeholders, to facilitate full control of their investments.

It enables property owners/investors to create a portfolio of assets, receive investments from other investors, and more. It enables homeowners to gain additional value from their homes by enabling others to invest in them.

Ace Capital is a decentralized crowdfunding and incubation platform for blockchain and real-world projects. It is the world’s 1st Integrated Incubator for Startups providing Venture Capital / Seed Investment using blockchain technology.

ACE Capital was created as a tech-focused venture capital firm, headquartered in London, primarily focused on investments into seed and early-stage companies, mostly in Africa and Europe.

Its investment decisions are centered around the 3 key importance: the timing of the startup’s product and services, the founders and core team, and the total addressable market of the business.

The company aims to solve existing crowdfunding limitations. The solution’s main goal is to promote traceability, transparency, and accountability to all stakeholders so that they are in full control of their investments at all times. One highly important component of blockchain that helps with this concern is traceability so that information and funds can be easily located between different network members, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring of data location.

Ace Capital Ventures, Founder, Anoop Mittra said, “Start-ups are famously short on cash, and a significant injection of funding-along with access to a wide variety of financial partners and advisors-can often lead to companies developing at a rapid rate.”

“Through our documentation and research, we emphasize the need of building an environment that promotes trust and transparency so that investment’s risks are reduced. Having built a platform that promotes these principles will attract investors so that it will encourage them to prefer our solution for investments over the competition”, he added.

Ace Capital Ventures’s mission is to host high-quality projects that align with Ace Capital’s investor community, community-driven decision making for 100% transparency, and managing funds using smart contracts for investor security.

Ace Capital Ventures Limited is present across 200 cities globally including the UK, Georgia, India & Thailand. Ace Capital invests in the range of 500,000$ – 100 Million $ per startup through a network of HNIs, Individuals, Financial Influencers, Institutions, Family Offices, CXOs, etc. Ace Capital Ventures has a unique model which allows investors to participate with capital and knowledge to early growth stage startups in return for equity. You never know which idea goes on to become the next big story. Having built a very elite group of retail and HNI investors, we believe we have the access to some of the best opportunities in the early stage.

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