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Astrological remedies to Fight depression by Astrologer Johnny syal

Cure Depression with Simple astrological remedies by Astrologer Johnny Syal

Depression as per Astrology: According to Famous Astrologer Johnny Syal from Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, Australia: During recent times, we have seen an increase in numbers of people suffering from depression which almost doubled during the pandemic times.

If we look at depression from an astrological point of view, there is the temporary Depression and permanent one. The temporary Depression is triggered by the movement of planets by either transit, Dasha, or Annual charts, whereas the permanent one is caused due to certain combinations in the birth chart. Regardless of the permanent or the temporary nature of this gloomy feeling, the planet at the center of all this is the planet ‘karak’ of our mind, i.e., Moon.

Whenever and wherever Moon is afflicted or in a ‘weak’ state, it creates an unstable mind with extreme mood swings. Another combination that adds fuel to the fire is the afflicted Sun which represents personality, temper, and confidence. When the two are afflicted in the chart with no real help from friendly planets, it can give a state of Depression.

People who are going through such feelings should consult a professional Astrologer to get the proper remedies. Some general remedies can be performed by everyone to strengthen their Moon and are.

  • To seek blessings by touching the feet of elderly ladies of the same age or older than their Mother.
  • Take some rice and pure silver from their mother as a blessing, tie it in a piece of white cotton cloth and keep it with them forever.
  • Every now and then, take bath in the river Ganga, bring back the water and keep it in a silver container.

These are some general remedies that will strengthen the Moon, for a more detailed reading of your horoscope and customised remedies, please contact Johnny Syal from Asha Astro.

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