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Don’t want to entice people in skincare gimmicks, want to keep it transparent: Milie Rathod, founder, Misara

Don’t want to entice people in skincare gimmicks want to keep it transparent: Milie Rathod founder Misara

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India]: Misara, founded in 2020, is an organic skincare brand that originates with a simple thought of believing in simple, minimalistic home remedies combined with aromatherapy.

“It does wonders to your skin and takes you back to the roots of your culture. Yes, there are many brands out there, but for us, it’s more important that we educate the consumer about what their skin in consuming as ingredients and how does it affect them,” conveys Milie Rathod, founder of Misara.

She additionally adds that it doesn’t matter to her personally if they don’t purchase the product, it is, in fact, more satisfying to her when audiences know they have made an informed purchase decision elsewhere.

Rathod makes an unapologetic comment on today’s skincare market, “We as a brand believe in minimum efforts, maximum benefits. We don’t want to entice people in those skincare gimmicks, but instead, keep ourselves raw and transparent.”

Misara vouches on omitting any artificial fragrance in their products to enhance its essence. They are known to utilize ingredients whose names are familiar in households. Misara is also committed to breaking gender stereotypes around skincare by developing unisex products.

“We want them to be for everyone and anyone. We are trying to be socially responsible with our upcoming eco-friendly recycled packaging in addition to our reusable glass jars. With continuous efforts, we are also trying to keep plastic out of Misara’s equation for good,” Milie Rathod explains.

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