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Health Supplements gaining popularity: Nutraceutical brand Goodlife & PNFIT heads the race

Health Supplements gaining popularity: Nutraceutical brand Goodlife & PNFIT heads the race

New Delhi: Health and nutrition supplements hero in the making Yoga Brands is presenting unique and specialized product line for the Indian audience that offers high-quality sports supplement under Pro Nutrition & Fitness for athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts; Goodlife Nutrition 100% plant extracts and protein for General wellbeing and lifestyle diseases.

Rising health awareness and body consciousness have re-emphasized the requirement of protein and nutrition supplements in our day-to-day needs and Yoga brand’s Goodlife nutrition and Pro nutrition and fitness is building supplements for unmet protein demands.

Yoga Brands is a Lifetech Group that aims to encourage people to a healthier living at the same time amplifying their way of living with its range of wellness and lifestyle products. It focuses on creating products that have the most minimal impact on the environment, have no fillers, and thrive to be recognized as the best lifestyle-based wellness brand in the world.

With the increasing fandom of self-care and self-love, Goodlife nutrition and Pro nutrition and fitness products are penetrating the market since the nick of time when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. People are looking to take better care of themselves and thus giving impetus to health-focused companies like Yoga Brands.

Goodlife nutrition and Pro nutrition and fitness products are made through high-tech technological processes; therefore, creating a high-quality protein supplement that has been trusted by millions of people around the world!

For this reason, it will easily complement your diet with wholesome proteins.

The products by pro nutrition are formulated in the USA made from premium ingredients sourced from USA & India, packaged in India. None of our product’s ingredients are of china origin.

Pro nutrition and fitness manufacture products using ingredients that have been internationally sourced, and all our products meet label claims. We believe in educating the consumer and urge you to read our nutritional information section on this website because informed customers can make better choices.

Meanwhile, the products by Goodlife Nutrition are 100% plant-based and are keto and diabetic-friendly. They offer a wide range of products which includes products for better Brain functioning, gut health, diabetic relief, hair growth, immunity boost, weight loss, and many more.

“The imposed lockdown due to the sudden covid outbreak in the previous year resulted in the closure of business operations, fitness centers, and the overall social life. The stand stillness hampered our daily life to the extent of causing us various psychological issues and serious fitness and health-related concerns. Many at this crucial period shifted to alternate exercise regimes and fitness activities at home, that helped them deal with psychological issues and physical health consequences. Yoga Brand’s specialized brands are there to support people with their health and fitness goals this demanding time. We are happy with the way Yoga Brands is shaping up.” Said Abhishek Gagneja, Founder, Yoga Brands.

“Consuming the Goodlife nutrition and Pro nutrition and fitness products is extremely beneficial in many aspects. The solution is prepared to focus on an individual’s daily food essentials which are not met most of the time. We make sure the products we come up with are of the highest quality keeping in mind overall health & wellness while making them worth buying”, he added.

The ingredients we use in our products are well researched, products are made combining ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Modern Science provide tremendous health benefits. The brand is on a mission to educate consumers how the food we eat can transform overall wellbeing, offer one-time free diet guidance and the right kind of food supplements, managing a chronic illness like diabetes while helping to enhance an individual’s athlete mind & body.

However, before purchasing a protein or any supplements, it is advised to read the label carefully to avoid unwanted ingredients. In addition to the ingredients list, a product label will give full information about the product, such as whether it’s vegan or gluten-free.

Yoga Brands is a building category leader in Health & Nutrition supplements industry presenting unique and specialized products for Weight Management, Sports Nutrition, Disease Management & General wellness. The brand set its foot in the Indian market in the year 2019 and has been since operational in the nutrition domain providing superior products to improve the health & lifestyle of our Indian audience. It has earned an identity to reckon in the nutrition domain presenting unique and specialized wellness products.

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