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Nita Nigam shares practical lessons in an Interactive Corporate Training Workshop at Winjit Technologies, Nasik

Nita Nigam shares practical lessons in an Interactive Corporate Training Workshop at Winjit Technologies Nasik

Winjit Technologies based in Nasik helps to design and develop agile solutions that range from IoT solutions to a wide range of multiple artificial intelligence-based platforms strategically crafted to your requirements. On Saturday, 28th of May, 2022, Winjit Technologies invited prominent corporate trainer Nita Nigam for a corporate training workshop. The interactive and engaging session was primarily about the following topics:

  1. Know your personality
  2. Business english
  3. Client communications


Popular English Speaking, Personality Development, Confidence Coach, and Celebrity Trainer Nita Nigam is a prominent corporate trainer and visiting faculty for MBA students in various institutions including Symbiosis, JDC Bytco. She is the one who grooms the aspirants with her pep talks about communication skills.

Nita Nigam’s Instagram:

Interesting Fact: Nita Nigam is a splendid actor too. She has been seen in tv shows like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai (Star Plus) and Santoshi Maa (&tv). She recently shot for Dharma Productions too.


Known for highly engaging corporate sessions, Nita expectedly conducted an interactive workshop where the participants gathered knowledge of how to speak formal English in a corporate setup. She discussed the various aspects of Business English and how important it is to be confident in what you know. “Everyone may not be as naturally fluent in English as the others but there are certain basics that everyone should know,” explained Nita.

Another important topic was how to deal with difficult clients by communicating effectively. “Anyone who pays money to get a service from you expects a professional attitude from your end. That’s when strong communication skills become a necessity,” said Nita as the participants nodded in agreement.

Winjit Technologies were thrilled to have Nita Nigam on board for this wonderful workshop. The reception was huge when Nita stressed on the importance of knowing one’s own personality and limitations. Even the faces of the participants had lit up towards the fag end as they got to learn a plenty of new things. “We have definitely benefited a lot from this enlightening session. Some of the most essential concepts have been shared by Nita Ma’am with us and we would surely implement them in our work life,” said one of the participants. “The solutions provided by Nita Ma’am are really helpful,” said another.

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