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Noida – The Blooming Beauty & Wellness Education Hub of India

Noida - The Blooming Beauty & Wellness Education Hub of India

With its glitz and zeal, the sector of beauty and wellness is brimming with chances and rewards. Ambitious professionals work for years before making a name for themselves in the field. However, if you begin out on your hunt with the correct advice, you may make a lot of money in this sector very quickly.

On the other hand, following your passion takes a lot of hard work, patience, and determination. Every day, we witness and hear success stories that were not created in a day. They are the zenith of countless hours spent studying, producing, and tirelessly chasing your dreams.

If you are looking for a hair, skin and best makeup academy in Noida, the best place is to go to Noida sector 18 and sector 27. Aspiring students living outside of Delhi NCR and are looking for a good makeup academy in Noida to pursue their career can always step into either Noida sector 18 or 27.

Noida sector 18 is new hub for Delhi NCR Students, where they can find many leading beauty academies providing courses on skin, hair, cosmetology, nail art and makeup. is a beauty blog with tons of knowledge about hair, skincare, makeup, nutrition tips and free career guidance and counselling in beauty and wellness industry. This blog spot is developed because highly knowledgeable bloggers share what they know with the world through their blogs and informative articles.

If you love to learn the tips and tricks shared by other beauty enthusiasts, then all you have to do is follow this website for more information.

This website has access to information about makeup artist course in Delhi, academies, success stories and a guide on a beauty-related course like how to become a film makeup artist. has a vision of giving in-depth information on top-notch makeup artist course in Noida for beauticians to protrude careers in the Beauty Industry.

Top Four Beauty Schools in Noida

1. MeriBindiya International Academy, Noida

MeriBindiya International Academy is Delhi NCR’s ISO Certified Top International Beauty & Wellness School.

The academy offers numerous NSDC approved Diploma courses that include Beauty, Makeup, Hair, Nails and Nutrition at affordable fees.

The academy imparts the latest trends, tips and technologies to students interested in beauty and makeup. They provide world-class infrastructure and They have a highly professional and experienced trainer. MeriBindiya International Academy provides 100% internship opportunities and 100% Job assistance to the students after course completion. Any Course Query Call Meribindiya International Academy at 8130520472

Meribindiya International Academy
2nd Floor, Veer Singh Palace, Behind Vinayak Hospital,
Near Noida Sector 18 Metro Station, Noida (U.P.)

2. Lakmé Academy, Noida

Lakmé is India’s first cosmetic brand and is an expert in the beauty industry of our country for more than 50 years now.

Apart from creating various skincare products, Lakmé offers multiple courses to turn you into a skilled professional in the fashion and beauty industry.

The experienced team of Lakmé academy trains the students and teaches various technical and soft skills.

3. VLCC Institute, Noida

With over 95+ institutes in India, the VLCC Institute of Beauty & Nutrition is one of the most significant players in South East Asia’s beauty and wellness industry.

Established in 2001, VLCC has trained thousands and thousands of students over the two decades.

The institute offers around 100 courses and conducts workshops for the students to choose from that range from beginner’s level to advanced classes for working professionals looking forward to upgrading their skills.

4. Orange International, Noida

Incorporated in 2009 with three beauty schools, Orange international has grown massively over a decade and now caters to thousands of students with 100 beauty schools across the nation.

The national and international beauty experts have accredited the curriculum imparted by Orange.

It has been praised by CIBTAC, UK’s biggest beauty accreditation body and CIDESCO, the world’s renowned beauty affiliation body. 

Awareness of beauty products is projected to grow, as is the value placed on personal grooming, changes in consumption habits, and increased spending power among women.

According to industry analysts in India, the country’s cosmetics and cosmeceutical business would increase by 25% annually, reaching USD 20 billion by 2025.

If you are looking forward to kick start your career in the beauty and wellness industry, now is the right time

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