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PrivateCourt is all set to revolutionize the concept of Online Dispute Resolution

PrivateCourt is all set to revolutionize the concept of Online Dispute Resolution

“Opt for ODR to increase customer confidence in doing business.” – Ankit Verma

Mumbai [Maharashtra] India : PrivateCourt is an organization that provides dispute resolution by negotiation, mediation, conciliation & arbitration. Within a couple of months, more than 1000+ cases have been resolved under the process of ODR. According to a survey being run by NASSCOM, around 110 companies mentioned that approximately 200 crores are stuck domestically largely due to disputes. Enabling online dispute resolution will facilitate ease of doing business, and move us up the Ease of Doing Business ranking even further.

The Process is designed to create a robust module of dispute resolution Via a Digital platform. To create a socially viable model to support those who cannot visit Public Courts to resolve their matter because of the expensive means of litigation and the Prolonged period for justice. The vision is to make this model for the unorganized sectors, MSMEs & Freelancers. 

Running the IT business, the team has faced similar issues in the past. Since their major clients were in the legal-tech domain, they are well versed and exposed to the legal province. Researching and working in the arbitration they have understood the concept and have created a highly qualified team in legal-tech to work on this project. 

Experts with legal tech backgrounds have helped the organization create a robust model to support infrastructure needs. PrivateCourt has also digitized the contract enforcement process and has developed an Effective Online Dispute Resolution Centre. Working as both Offline and Online has provided the business with a great deal of flexibility and ease of working with contract enforcement throughout India.

“Dispute is your best intelligence, and will tell you what needs to fix, to eventually have fewer disputes going forward.” Mahadev Gitte.

The structure of the Privatecourt is designed to work as a neutral third party. Businesses in India are young and growing but, the huddle of lack of contract enforcement has always put up a business in heavy losses due to fraud, cheat, and under verification of reliability. An unanswered question of what is the solution to prevent the Trust that professional relies on while doing BUSINESS! System of Online Resolution is Developed and Manged by Ankit, Sachin, Chandan, Mahadev & Sumeet who started this venture in search of a solution against disputes in our business or commercial world.

The PrivateCourt Rules provide a state-of-the-art procedural framework for efficient, expert, and enforceable resolution of disputes of all sizes. PrivateCourt supervises and scrutiny of the process enhances the enforceability of awards.

PrivateCourt offers a simple online & offline solution to help resolve your disputes with your clients worldwide using the internet technology through claim settlement, mediation and arbitration. Also, Help our members in writing contracts and notices. 

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Mahadev Gitte September 25, 2020 at 11:34 am

Thank you for covering the news of PrivateCourt. We will ensure that justice will be served to every client of ours.


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