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Reasons why Digital Marketing will bring success to your Business during Covid-19

Reasons why Digital Marketing will bring success to your Business during Covid-19

Kolkata, West Bengal: An outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, the twin threats to human life and businesses have shattered economic growth, earnings, and hope among people. With the Government’s new Covid guidelines, partial lockdown, and “stay indoor” policy most essential businesses like grocery, medicine shop, and essential service provider can operate, and remaining other sectors of business should remain closed.

How will these business owners survive and cope with the new normal? 

Digital Marketing is the only key to gain visibility and expand your business just sitting at home. The need for social distancing, wearing masks, and fear among people has increasingly inclined them to shop online. From buying perishable goods to clothes and from paying electricity bills to order food – everything is online.

Why should your business need to go Digital?

Still, if you are relying on traditional marketing strategies it is high time you start investing in Digital marketing. Publpad Marketing and PR Agency from Kolkata started by two best friends turned business partner, Shreya and Raj; last year during pandemic will guide you to reach the top. As one of the cofounder Shreya says: “Either go digital or go dark” (Either push your business on the digital platform, or else you cannot survive such adverse situations). 2021 has accelerated digital transformation in many ways – Let’s see why:

  • Expand customer base:

People rely on their mobile phones for everything; the digital appeal will help you to build a strong brand voice and awareness among people. Food delivery apps, like Zomato’s online presence, have received good reviews, offers, and outstanding services which eventually raise hype among people and raise a strong customer base and visibility in a large area. Shreya is helping cloud kitchens and restaurants delivery services survives the pandemic through Facebook marketing.

  • Social gathering shifted to online:

All in-person gatherings have got canceled – then how to stay connected? Every artistic show, meeting, conference, and buyer has shifted online. Digital marketing strategies like Google ads, story feature on social networking sites, Zoom meeting, Facebook lives, Email to promote your brand and name among people. Fitness schools, teachings classes, cooking class and everything shifted online.

  • Digital Economy is flourishing:

Hustle-free online shopping experience with doorstep delivery in such a situation has shifted foot travel and word of mouth customers to online shopping. Retail outlets are shutting down, and people are searching for genuine websites. Therefore, a far-reaching digital marketing strategy trustworthy genuine website will attract old and new customers to your business.

  • Affordable for your business:

Did you know your traditional marketing strategies were costing you more? Digital marketing is super affordable and successful. You can use emails, photos, videos, and SEO optimized articles, content, blogs, and sharing with friends and more friends and family to get viral and well known. These digital marketing tactics can make you famous overnight. Publpad is providing digital marketing services in an affordable package starting from 1999/- per month.

Are you ready to get digitalized? You cannot implement every Digital marketing strategy for your business. Your business needs to be studied by a professional and then can digitalize. Publpad is professional in this service; personalized techniques, SEO optimized methods, social media campaigns, and striking strategy will take your business from zero to hero in the digital sphere at very affordable digital marketing packages. Get free consultation for every industry from Publpad.

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