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Shri Ramesh Gowani- a staunch believer in god and a social servant

It can be surprising to read words like public welfare or god-fearing for industrialists and entrepreneurs who are known for their business acumen. Well, some of them adorn many hats. Take Mr Ramesh Gowani, for example- the man behind several real estate projects, the beginning of the fashion revolution in India and connections with global tourism boards. While he has proven his mettle time and again in business, his kind and religious side is rarely discussed. He also prefers it that way because he regards it as his duty and not something to flaunt or publicize.

While social responsibility is a part of regular annual activities for several organizations, Mr Gowani is not bound by limits or timelines to give to society. We recently talked to him about it and he said that since his childhood, his mother instilled in hima love for god and other religious teachings. He also said that all religions teach kindness and benevolence and his work for the people is a reflection of that. “I express my gratitude to god for bringing me here. He gave me all and now I wish to pay it forward”, said Mr Gowani.

Ramesh’s love for god is evident from the work he has done for devotees. Right from establishing temples and dharamshalas to ensuring that devotees always get all the support and resources they need for their prayers and service to god, he has done it all.

Mr Gowani is behind the development of Monhankheda Jain mandir, Jain mandir, Mahalaxmi Mumbai, Jain mandir, Mulund, Mumbai, Jain Mandir, Nepean Sea road, Mumbai. In the recent tête-à-tête, he told us that every building that he envisions eventually becomes an icon in the country, and thus he started using his building experience to build spectacular temples.

They have built many community halls and dharamshalas that offer a roof to devotees at affordable prices. They also offered shelter to people stranded away from home during the lockdown.

He has also been actively involved with the endeavours of Kamala Ankibai Ghamandiram Gowani Trust, which his wife runs. The trust takes up a multitude of initiatives for the welfare of the underprivileged and has received immense appreciation.

Mr Ramesh Gowani has come a long way since he first started his journey as a businessman after the death of his father. He has achieved significant success in his profession and has done well as a philanthropist too. In the future, he wishes to build more temples and community spaces and serve his duties toward the society.

We hope he continues the good work. We also wish him luck in the future.

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