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Sky Innovations and Services, devoted to sharing inspirational stories, presents the narratives of five exceptional individuals who are making significant contributions with their remarkable skills in their respective domains


Mayaa SH, a literary luminary heralding from Oxford of the East – Pune, is a steadfast advocate for women’s empowerment and positive feminism. She has amassed accolades from the United Nations as well recieved national recognition for her pathbreaking literary works which challenge societal norms, address gender inequality and gender-based violence. Renowned under various aliases, Mayaa SH’s impactful contributions extend across over 150 anthologies and nine solo books, resonating globally.

An advocate for legal literacy and equal opportunities, Mayaa SH envisions a society where women have equal rights and contribute significantly to the nation’s development. Through her multifaceted talents, Mayaa SH continues to inspire, challenging societal constructs and paving the way for gender equality.


Gyaneshwari Vyas is a seasoned educator, poetess and author hailing from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, with 16 years of experience. Currently pursuing her Ph.D, with a background in Botany, English, Hindi, and Education, she seamlessly crafts articles and poems in both languages. Her literary prowess earned her awards like Best Author, Mahila Shakti, and accolades in the Books of World Records. Beyond her contributions to education, she actively engages in societal upliftment. Gyaneshwari’s journey reflects a harmonious blend of academic excellence, literary brilliance, and a profound commitment to community welfare. A veteran intellectual, she has left an indelible mark on the academic landscape, promising a literary journey filled with creativity and unwavering passion for education and written word.


Meet Kavita Jhurani, the visionary entrepreneur and mastermind behind “Nothing But Curd,” a brand that is a standout with its wide array of homemade dairy delights, in a market dominated by processed food. Kavita’s passion for all-natural, preservative-free products has given birth to a brand that epitomizes wholesome goodness and irresistible simplicity.

Nothing But Curd excels in crafting homemade milk products, each a testament to Kavita’s unwavering commitment to quality and the pure essence of natural ingredients. From velvety curds to an array of delightful dairy treats, every creation mirrors her dedication to delivering delectable goodness straight from the heart.


Rashi Khanna, the empathic Founder & CEO of ‘Kyaa Matlab Network’ and ‘SHEERAA’ e-magazine, hails from Gurugram. A dynamic entrepreneur and podcasrer, she embodies the philosophy that goodness stems from empathy. Rejecting the selfishness of the brain, she relies on her heart for success. As the Chairperson of ‘Ra by Rashi Foundation’, she upholds integrity and consciousness. A brand and marketing expert, Rashi’s strategy involves sharing authentic stories, reflected in SHEERAA’s growth. Her mantra, “Suffering is real, so always be kind,” defines her journey as a compassionate entrepreneur, podcaster, and public speaker. A trendsetter in her own right, Rashi Khanna has emerged as a symbol of women empowerment and is set to inspire the next generation of business women through her many entrepreneurial endeavors.


Yaseen Bepari aka Shayar Yaseen, hailing from Likal, Bagalkot district of Karnataka began his journey as an  author began during the covid pandemic. Since than he has added numerous accolades to his name including the prestigious Bharat Vibhushan Award, The Rashtriya Ratna Award, The Best Penman Award and many others. He also secured the third spot amongst the top best authors of India recently. A skilled wordsmith of the language, Yaseen’s works reflect on the duality of love and betrayal as he pours his heart out on the paper in the form of spell binding urdu shayari and poetry. He is the founder of “Kalamdeep”, a literary organization committed to bringing young poetic and literary voices to the forefront. In the same vain he is soon bringing “Motivepedia” with the aim of creating a platform to celebrate young talents from all walks of life.

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