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The wait is over, H3RO3S, World’s 1st real-life play-2-earn gaming system is set to Launch their app very soon

H3RO3S World’s 1st real-life play-2-earn gaming system is set to Launch their app very soon

H3RO3S is the world’s First Real-Life Play-2-Earn gaming platform which is targeted at the student demographic. Universities have struggled connecting with their students especially during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Students often find themselves in a new environment not knowing who they are or what they want to do. H3RO3S solves that problem!

A project intending to provide people with the Joy of Opportunities. It’s aim is to bring a revolution in the job recruitment and Play 2 Earn industry, users of the platform are able to choose from a variety of 45 talents that each have 10 corresponding tasks. The H3RO3S users are matched to tasks around a 1km radius. Their shared hobbies and skills allows users not only to connect based on the demand and supply of completing an everyday tasks, but connect on a personal level – creating long term friendships.

With the H3RO3S app, users are incentivised to discover their talents, meet people who share their hobbies, learn new skills, get real life experience that can provide evidence how involved they are in their local communities, personal development, all whilst earning money supporting their personal endeavours.

This is supported by the GAL Function – which stands for: what you are Good at, what you want to achieve, and what you want to be remembered for i.e. your Legacy.

Users are able to gamify their life. Daily tasks that used to be considered favours for others are now rewarded. By completing such tasks users receive direct access to crypto in form of the H3RO3S token. The rewards are directly correlated to the circulation of our token currently represented on KuCoin and MEXC. The amount players can earn varies and can go up to $1,500+ a month. With H3RO3S we support the individual. We support the people from all backgrounds, shapes & colours, and are therefore, fully inclusive supporting society with a bottom-top approach. As the CEO of H3RO3S mentioned:

“By taking care of the community, the community will also take care of us”.

Players have the freedom to be creative and discover themselves in a fun and inclusive environment. 

The H3RO3S concept, initiated by the Swiss founder Gregory Crous, is supported by the OG’s in the industry. Investors supporting the vision include: Evan Luthra, Money Guru, Moon Carl, Gains Associates, X21, Maximus Capital, Lotus Venture Capital, Dutch Crypto Investor, Halvings Cash, Mandy ICO Research, Bitcoin Expert, and many more.

Seeing a spike in interest in the crypto industry. H3RO3S took it upon itself to include all the upcoming trends such as; NFTs, the Metaverse and Play To Earn.  H3RO3S provides easy access to all of the upcoming trends allowing its users to not only understand but thrive in this exciting environment.

What makes this project unique is the ability for the team members to relate to the current student experience. Being internationally brought up individuals having graduated from Top Tier Universities throughout the UK, they were able to look at the problem from a bird’s eye perspective and truly fulfil the needs of students. Through their hard work the team has ensured partnership that ensure H3RO3S to be a successful project, affecting the world in the most important of ways: Spreading positivity and encouraging the personal development of all its users. One of the most important milestones of H3RO3S has already been achieved with it directly being listed on KuCoin. With the support of the FireStarter team and IDO Launchpad, H3RO3S achieved a 220x for its Presale investors on December 17, 2021. Considered one of the most historical gains in the history of IDOs / IEOs.

The whole H3RO3S team has been working 24/7 and is very punctual with their road map. The team wants to have the first mover advantage in this industry as this project is the world’s First Real Life Play-To-Earn concept.

CEO Mr. Gregory Crous has announced that the Launch of the H3RO3S App – will take place on 7th April’22. The pure passion and excitement of the global H3RO3S community is shared with the Team who have committed on delivering a true once in a lifetime experience. With the app announcement out the community is very excited and the urge to use the app is building up. Being considered “The Next Big Thing” for social media with synergies including the upcoming trends of NFTS, the Metaverse, and Play To Earn. With the progress the team has displayed over the past few months, we all can conclude that the sky is the limit for this Cryptocurrency Project.

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