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The Wait Is Over, The Song ‘Tata Karde Ne’ Which Will Make You Forget Everything Over The Presence Of Your Love- Check Out Its Melodious Tunes Now

The Song 'Tata Karde Ne' Which Will Make You Forget Everything Over The Presence Of Your Love

Rajiv Ruia is all set to carve a name for himself and take the spotlight with his remarkable vision in the song “Tata Karde Ne” is out now romantic song with internet sensations Akriti Agarwal and Jay Patel. The song is a sweet romantic story that will make our hearts melt with its catchy tunes which were released under the label of Zee Music.

The wait is over for the most romantic song Tata Karde Ne is out, the song is all about love which depicts the adorable love story of a young couple who are college buddies where the young boy in the first eye contact falls in love with the girl, where he isn’t able to take his eyes from the girl that he adores the most and try to gain the attention in which he later succeeded and later in the video we can see another friend pranks the guy and says that she left the city, just so that he can act as a mediator and help him to reveal his love for his lady love and later on its turns over the realization where they both realize the love and the feelings they have for each other, they are the sudden intense sparkle in the eyes of the lovebirds.

The song ‘Tata Karde Ne’ is all about the presence of your loved one and forgets everything, definitely the song melodious making us hymn over its tune again and again the song looks very promising as we can see two love birds falling in love with each other in the beautiful scenery location. . The song depicts that you will forget your presence and everything beneath your surrounding when you will see your love one the intense connection of this song which will make you blush remembering your special one.

The melodious song is given by Harnaam Nazim and the song is choreographed by Upasana Dinky The song is making us embrace our hearts Tata Karde Na.

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On the professional front: Rajiv S Ruia acclaimed his name for his outstanding direction in the movie My friend Ganesha apart from that Rajiv S Ruia has also been into directing romantic singles and soon will be seen directing in the movie Luv You Shankar which stars Shreyas Talpade, Tanishaa Mukerji in the lead.

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