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Young students come together to write a gripping book – ‘Novelty of Thoughts’

At an age when children are often busy wasting their time on games and mobile phones, 28 students of Twin Win Academy have astonished everyone by writing a book. These students have brought 28 stories related to new ideas and social changes in the book titled, ‘Novelty of Thoughts’. These students were learning the nuances of creative thinking and creative writing since last 6 months under the guidance of renowned writer and educationist, Vaibhav Pande.

This book is available online and offline in many places. These stories are so interesting that the readers will get hooked to them instantly. The stories touch on the finer aspects of life. A reader will be able to enjoy different genres like fiction, science fiction, mystery, drama, fantasy, etc. in the book. Talking about the book, Vaibhav Pande said, “It is very important for the society that we create a generation of creative thinkers and doers. In this book, the 28 young bright minds worked extensively for six months to complete this project and learnt not only writing skills but also teamwork, leadership skills and effective communication skills. The book is the result of a training programme conducted by Twin Win Academy for the students. We hope that the readers will enjoy this book thoroughly. Congratulations to all the trainers of Twin Win who were working hard on this project. I also thank Anshul Vashisht and Mayank Garg who helped in making all this possible for these young minds.”

It is noteworthy that children nowadays are drifting away from books and literature. An initiative like this brings a new dawn in the field of literature.

The names of the 28 young guns who achieved this feat are:

  • Aaradhya Kawatra
  • Aarav Kawatra
  • Anna Tresia Sebastian
  • Avik Tikkoo
  • Devvardhan Agarwal
  • Ekansh Singh Karakoti
  • Hargurbani Kaur
  • Harshil Kumar
  • Ishtpal Singh
  • June
  • Kavya Pratap Singh
  • Kavyansh Kweera
  • Mahika Khandelwal
  • Nalin Tiwari
  • Navlika Verma
  • Naysha Singh
  • Parth Priya Tiwari
  • Samridhi Singh
  • Sanidhya Pande
  • Shoubhit Amin
  • Shreeyanshi Dutta
  • Siddhant Pathak
  • Tashi Bhatt
  • Vrinda Singh
  • Yashika Dwivedi
  • Yashovardhan Agarwal
  • Yashvi Upreti
  • Yatharth Singh Kweera

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