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AirV Labs Wins Prestigious Manufacturing Innovation Award for Novel Virtual Reality Technology

San Jose, CA :AirV Labs Inc, a leading virtual reality technology company specializing 360° video based, mixed reality content wins India’s most prestigious NASSCOM Manufacturing Innovation Challenge 2020.

AirV Labs, a global leader in rapid creation of mixed reality content for advanced human centered applications, has won the NASSCOM Manufacturing Innovation Challenge 2020, India, in the 360° Virtual Tour of Plant category for the company’s novel use of 360° video technology. Launched by NASSCOM Centre of Excellence (CoE), the challenge offered a premier, collaborative platform for industry leaders and startups to bring about a digital shift in the manufacturing sector while fostering the innovation ecosystem in India. With the award comes a guaranteed commercial project from Bayer CropScience, India and one-year membership to the intensive NASSCOM CoE Acceleration Program.

Based in Silicon Valley, AirV Labs is a technology company specializing in virtual reality-based solutions, including analytics. Among its groundbreaking product solutions, it has developed a proprietary authoring tool called the AirVu™ Platform for industrial, enterprise, and educational 360° video applications. The award-winning technology allows merger of 360° video of a given scenario with three-dimensional (3D) data such as CAD, graphs, medical charts, functioning model of machines, and automation, as well as with enterprise-level information like bill of material, circuit diagrams, inventory, barcodes and more. AirV Labs can rapidly prototype, highly-advanced cyber learning platforms that leverage the strengths of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies to create a new immersive interface for the users.

“AirV Labs is proud to be the winner of 360° Virtual Tour of Plant, selected from a crowded field of competitors,” said Mr. Faisal Yazadi, CEO AirV Labs USA. “Winning such a prestigious award is validation of our novel technology which is primed to meet the growing demands of industry to deploy cost-effective, scalable solutions, while addressing collaboration in distributed environments and advanced training with minimized social interactions. Our global team is ready to deliver innovative, mixed reality projects through collaboration and partnerships with industry leaders.”

“The current business scenario has undergone a paradigm shift and it necessitates businesses to re-strategize,” said Mr. Chinmay Sengupta.CEO, AirV Labs India “Our technology will enable businesses to conduct their global operations more sustainably, while changing the way their teams experience and learn through progressive virtual environments.”

On August 21, 2020, NASSCOM announced the winners in a glittering online award ceremony in presence of the Chief Guest Ms. Vinita Singhania, Vice Chairman & Co-Managing Director at JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd. and Chairman for Udaipur Cement Works Ltd. (a subsidiary of JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd.), bureaucrats, dignitaries, and leaders of the industry, along with participants and their invited guests.

After a grueling month-long competition, AirV Labs was recognized as one of the most innovative and pioneering startup companies at the award ceremony. Dr. Kesh Kesavadas, founder and global CTO of AirV Labs and a professor of industrial engineering and computer science at the University of Illinois in Champaign, USA, spoke on the occasion, impressing upon his belief that augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are the future of global business collaboration, training, and education.

“We are honored to have been recognized by NASSCOM as an industry leader in AR and VR,” Kesavadas said. “Our technology is a result of six years of research at the University of Illinois and addresses the need for rapid content creation at an affordable price. The AirVu platform, pioneered by our company, is ready to meet the needs of industry, healthcare, and education by providing immersive learning and collaboration experience, particularly as the world continues to social distance because of COVID-19.”



About AirV Labs

AirV Labs is a global leader in rapid creation of mixed reality content for advanced human centered applications. The founders have over 45 years of experience in developing virtual reality based solutions including 360 degree video capture overlaid with rich interactive media.  AirV Labs has quickly built a brand portfolio across the industry including Healthcare, Education and Industrial applications.  The company licenses proprietary VR technology developed at the University of Illinois.  The product offerings include patent pending AirVu™ platform among others. 


AirV Labs operates globally with its Corporate Office headquartered in San Jose, CA, the capital of Silicon Valley, R&D office at the Enterprise Works in the University of Illinois campus in Champaign, IL with Offices in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and global development center based in Technopark, Thiruvananthapuram, India.

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