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Tempsens “MAKE IN INDIA” Thermal Camera systems for Covid 19 Fever Screening


Udaipur : Tempsens is the only Indian company manufacturing High end Thermal camera systems for Fever Detection application. Accuopt is brand name for Tempsens make Thermal Camera Systems. Tempsens is the market leader in Temperature measurement since 1976.Tempsens has its own State of the art R&D, Production, Calibration and Testing facility which enabled the company to make the product with 0% Chinese components to help build an “AATMANIRBHAR BHARAT”.

Tempsens Fever Detection arsenal includes 3 exceptional devices for Human body temperature measurement, catering to needs of every sector from small scale shops and offices to High End Industries, Airports etc. The product range offers multiple features like real time temperature measurement, Audio visual alarms for Fever, Face detection, Multiple People Scanning, Data recording etc.

How does this system work?

Tempsens thermal camera based human body temperature measurement system consists of the following components.

·        Thermal Imaging camera of 384×288 pixels resolution, this is the key component of the system. A thermal camera is capable of measuring temperature of any object placed in its field of view by sensing the Infrared radiations which the object emits. Every pixel of the sensor provides temperature data which is then processed into a Thermal Image or Thermogram using software.


·        Visual cameraof 2MP/4MP/5M Pixels, allows transmission of the visual image to identify the object/ person.


·        PC &Software: The camera is connected to a PC with software which processes the data from the cameras and displays the thermal, visual image and facial temperature to the user. Other than its basic functionality this software provides many other features like Temperature alarms, auto detection of face, Data storing, Region of Interest, mouse over temperature display, hot cold points etc.


·        Reference Blackbody: A reference blackbody is a constant temperature source with high emissivity which acts as a reference temperature for the thermal camera. For fever detection application a very high temperature accuracy is required (+/- 0.5°C). The thermal camera is a very sensitive instrument, with change in ambient temperatures the camera can lose its accuracy. Blackbody when placed in front of the camera provides a constant reference temperature, this input is used to correct any deviation which is caused in the camera due to ambient temperature changes so the accuracy of camera is maintained.

Tempsens Products for Fever Detection

1.     FeverSENS kiosk: This is a complete standalone solution which can be installed at entrances of Airports, train station, Malls etc. This product has a thermal camera coupled with a visual camera which is housed in an enclosure and is mounted on a kiosk. The kiosk houses a built in display, PC, Hooter, Keyboard and mouse. The system can be deployed easily it just needs a 220VAC power outlet.
Whenever a person with high body temperature comes in front of the camera, the system detects their face and records the temperature and simultaneously generates an audio visual alarm to notify the concerned authorities about the incident.

2.     FeverSENSlite:This is just a simpler version of the above model which has the same camera and software. The only difference being that instead of a kiosk this system is mounted on a wall or a tripod and then can be connected to any PC or Laptop with our software to detect individuals with elevated body temperature.


3.     LTE 384F:This is the core camera used in the FeverSENS system. This camera can also be used by itself for Fever detection application. The camera can be either mounted on a Tripod, Wall or any stand. Then similar to other systems the camera has to be connected to a PC with software to process the data and detect individuals with elevated body temperature.


These “MAKE IN INDIA” products could be directly bought from the factory itself or via online modes like GEM portal. Tempsens being an Indian company has contributed its share by donating several of these products to Hospitals and Government offices all over Udaipur district.

Right now the Indian market for these products have been infiltrated heavily by the Chinese products and Tempsens is all set to serve the country and get rid of this dependence on China. Other than this product the company also manufactures products for Industrial, defence and surveillance applications.

Visit;www.accuopt.comto learn more.

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